We are an all-volunteer coordinating body for Square, Round, Clog, and Line Dancing in Ontario. We’re governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from all of Ontario’s Associations and members at large from Northern Ontario Clubs.


We encourage new members to come out and have fun with us!  Please visit our Members page for all of the information you’ll need, including membership applications and additional forms for insurance.


You probably won’t have to look too far to find a gathering near you. Our clubs are regularly hosting events where you can come out, meet new people, refine your steps and have fun.
Come back again soon as we continue to maintain and update our events listings.

Newsletter – November 2022

Newsletter – November 2022

All join hands for a warm winter cheer! We are thrilled to know that many modern square dance Clubs across Ontario have kicked off the fall season with regular classes and dancing. And we hope this continues, one way or another, as we head into special events for the...

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Newsletter –  May 2022

Newsletter – May 2022

Greetings to all Ontario dancers! - (PDF Printable Version) At his time of year clubs are usually celebrating the graduation of new dancers and also the end of another dance season. Unfortunately, many clubs did not dance this 2021/22 dance year; some due to problems...

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Christmas Newsletter – December 2021

Christmas Newsletter – December 2021

Greetings to all Ontario dancers! - (PDF Printable Version) As the second year of living with Covid-19 draws to a close, we are very pleased to hear that some of our clubs have started up again. While some dancers are not yet ready to join in, those who do come out...

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Trillium Awards

We recognize meritorious contributions to the dance community with two unique awards

Trillium Merit Award, 2020

Don & Jean Clingin

Don & Jean started Square Dancing with the Grenville Gremlins in 1998. As time went on, they thought they would give Round Dancing a try. Their abilities & skills improved to the point where they started their own Round Dance Club (Take A Step Rounds) in 2003. At one point Jean was cueing 3-nights per week, helping out at other clubs, all while maintaining a regular working career. Don & Jean were always there to help other dancers; they even had teaching sessions at their home to accommodate small interested groups. They have travelled for dancing, and have assisted at many National Conventions. They are members of Roundalab, have been members of the EOSARDA Board of directors, and the Seaway Valley Square & Round Dance Association.  They retired from cueing and instruction in April, 2019, but continue to dance regularly. They are a most deserving couple.

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