Greetings to all Ontario dancers! – (PDF Printable Version)

As the second year of living with Covid-19 draws to a close, we are very pleased to hear that some of our clubs have started up again. While some dancers are not yet ready to join in, those who do come out have a great time. In our Peterborough area the callers are keeping the tips short and avoiding most singing calls, recognizing that it is more difficult dancing with masks. This has been well received by the dancers. Quite a few more clubs are planning to start up in January. The difficulty for many is that the rental facilities are not yet ready to open up their space.

Many people have already registered for the National Convention to be held in Fredericton next July 21-23, some before we knew anything about Covid! The Convention committee have updated their registration form and webpage to include the necessity for all registrants to show proof of double vaccination. If you are unable to meet these requirements and have already registered, you may apply in writing for a full refund, without penalty, up to and including January 31, 2022.

Many of our Trillium Award winners have been presented with their awards and you will find their photos and a description of their accomplishments here – Our congratulations to all of them! There are amazing people in our activity who work tirelessly to promote the wellbeing of both dancing and their clubs.

Square dance logo licence plates are available to purchase from all Ontario Vehicle licensing offices. Regular plate is $59, logo plate cost $82.15. $12 from the sale of the dance logo plates will be sent to the Federation. Please promote this to your members. They are a good way to advertise square and round dancing.

The Canadian Square and Round Dance Society is again picking up the tab for insurance for 2022. However be warned that in the Fall of 2022, the cost of insurance will increase. If you have, or will have new dancers in the near future, please send their names to Peter Piazza.

Our Federation committee extend to you and your families, a safe and happy holiday season and all the best for 2022. We hope to see you on the dance floor sometime in 2022!!

Dan, Rhetha, Peter, Bev, Barb, Bill, Marlene, Austin, Avril, Ron, Dave, Arlo, Lorna, Howard and Jean

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