Diseases such as COVID-19 pose a risk to the travelling public because they can be transmitted between humans.

Therefore, it is important that all involved stakeholders assist in limiting its spread by social distancing.

Proof of Vaccination – Effective Sept 22

Other Information of Interest

Keep practising physical distancing

Keep practising physical distancing as your local government lifts public health measures. Physical distancing minimizes close contact with others in your community.

Things you can do to keep practising physical distancing are:

  • avoiding crowded places
  • reducing non-essential travel and trips out of your home
  • keeping 2 metres away from others when outside of your home
  • commuting outside of the busiest hours if you use public transit
  • avoiding greetings that include physical contact, such as handshakes
  • following your local public health guidance on the number of people that can gather in one place at one time

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