Bursary Application Criteria

for Caller/Cuer/Leader Schools and Clinics


1. The Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation’s Bursary Assistance Program is designed to help offset expenses incurred while attending the School or Clinic. Applicants may apply through their Home Association, to the Ontario Federation. This Bursary is available to…

(a) Any dancer wishing to become a Caller / Leader / Instructor in the different dance categories (square, round, clogging, line, western) sponsored by their local Association, and/or Provincial Federation, and/or Canadian Square and Round Dance Society, or
(b) Any current Caller / Leader / Instructor sponsored by their local Association, and/or Provincial Federation, and/or Canadian Square and Round Dance Society wishing to upgrade their skills, or
(c) If your area has no local Association, a local Club may act as a sponsor.

i) All applications must be for the current fiscal year (Apr1-Mar 31);
ii) Applicants will not be considered for a bursary two years in a row, but first time Applicants may submit 2 applications within a 3-year period;
iii) Length of course will be taken into consideration.

2. New instructors and applicants from remote areas will be given preference over instructors wanting refresher training. Preference will also be given to those wishing to attend schools and clinics within the home area/province, and also if a Club is being started by the applicant.

3. Assistance may also be approved for a Callerlab or Roundalab Accredited Caller / Cuer / Leader to conduct a school or clinic within Ontario.

4. Early application for bursaries is encouraged.

5. Caller Bursaries are available from three levels (Association, Federation, Society). Please note that each bursary has its own current application form (which must be used), and its own deadline date.

Progression of Application:
Step One: Local Association – Contact your local association for information
Step Two: Provincial Federation – deadline date: February 28th (OSRDF)
Send application to Director for Training Bursaries: training@squaredance.on.ca
Step Three: Canadian Society – deadline date: June 15th (CSRDS) – Information: www.csrds.ca/bursary/

6. Bursary Assistance may also be obtained solely from the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society. Their current application form is to be completed and submitted to the Federation for its comments, before being forwarded to the CSRDS. Applications must be submitted to CSRDS and approval granted prior to taking the course.

7. Applicants will be notified as soon as possible of acceptance or rejection. The bursary will be paid to the applicant when the Post Course Information Page with attachments is received.  The attachments include proof of successful completion of the course as well as an itemized list of actual expenses incurred (with copies of receipts ) while attending school.

8. Bursaries are awarded for up to 50% of expenses incurred, the total amount from bursaries not to exceed your expenses. The current maximum amount of the bursary is $400 from Federation. In case of numerous applications, lesser amounts may be granted.

How to Apply

1. All Applications must be submitted on Official Federation Stationary to ensure consistency within applicants.

2. If current application forms for an Ontario Federation Bursary are not available from local Associations, forms may be obtained from the Secretary of the Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation or the Professional Development Committee.
Current Bursary application form is available below.

3. The Federation Bursary Application form should be filled in by the applicant, signed, and forwarded to the local Association (or local Club, in areas without associations). Sufficient time should be allowed for the Association to process the application, and forward it, so it is received by the Federation Professional Development Committee by the February 28th deadline. Applications must have area Association approval and comments before being forwarded to Federation.

Applications for an Ontario Federation Bursary must include:

1. A current Federation Bursary Application Form, signed and completed – as well as a brief summary of the personal history of the applicant including:
a) Dance experience in levels and number of years danced;
b) Teaching (Caller / Cuer / Leader) experience, if any;
c) Itemized anticipated/actual expenses i.e. registration, travel, and accommodations;
d) Other relevant information to assist with the evaluation.
2. A course flyer or description of the school or clinic.
3. Endorsement(s) and/or comments with signature of a responsible official, by each appropriate lower level i.e. Club, Caller, Association, etc.

Application may be forwarded by e-mail or surface mail so that application arrives before the deadline date of February 28th.

Note: All applicants for an OSRDF bursary must be valid members of Federation and the Society for the current year. Sponsoring Clubs should also be valid members. This keeps the liability insurance for the training course at a minimum.

Send Applications to Professional Development Chairpersons for OSRDF: training@squaredance.on.ca

Revised March, 2017

Recipients of Ontario Federation Bursaries

Luke Periard S/D EOSDARDA
Zoe Fingas S/D T&D
Rick Gerris S/D T&D
Brian MacIsaac S/D SWOSDA
Merv Reid S/D SWOSDA
Gail Mottashed S/D SWOSDA

Charleen Allen S/D Parry Sound
Geoff Clarke S/D Carleton Place
Ivan Barron S/D Richmond
Bob Jackson S/D Haliburton
Wendy VanderMeulen S/D Cumberland


E. M. Aelicks  S/D Elliott Lake, ON
J. Braaksma  S/D Manotick, ON
J. Brown  S/D Guelph, ON
M. Fretz  S/D Conestoga, ON
J. Grierson  S/D Scarborough, ON
M. Harrison  S/D Chatham, ON
M. Karibian  S/D Hamilton, ON
N. McVittie  S/D Southampton, ON
J-B Ruest  S/D Sudbury, ON
M. Wood  S/D Brantford, ON

Tom/Jo Ann Edwards R/D Ottawa, ON

Robert/Betty Beck R/D Thorold,ON
Pat/Joe Borsa S/D Carleton Place,ON
Dorothy Cannon  S/D Ottawa, ON
Edward/Nancy Dolson S/D London, ON
Karen/Shawn Lawson  R/D Hamilton, ON
Sheila/Varley Sears  R/D  Deep River, ON

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