New Club Bursary

General Information

  • Any person/s wishing to start up a new square dance, round dance, line dance or clogging group may apply to their Federation for help to offset the start-up expenses incurred. The Federation will award, to each successful applicant, a maximum one time grant of up to $200. A maximum amount for any calendar year to be awarded to all applicants is $1000. All applications will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis.
  • A new club should not be started up which would be in competition with an existing club.
  • Applicants should provide the Federation with a detailed plan of how they intend organizing such a club, type and dance levels to be offered, recruitment plan, is it a caller run club or executive run club, rent for venue, caller fees, (see application form).
  • Applicants should indicate how many dancers they hope to have to keep the club financially viable during it’s first year of operation. Applicants should provide a three month projection of running costs and income.
  • If more that one person is named on the application, at least one person must be a paid up member of the Federation/Society.

Applications must include:

  1. A completed Bursary Application Form – This should include a personal history of each applicant (dance experience; club officer experience; if a caller, for how many years, etc.) which will demonstrate their understanding of what they are undertaking.
  2. Other relevant information to assist with the evaluation. Submit the completed application to your local Association with supporting documentation. If you have already incurred expenses, please include copies of invoices/receipts.

How to Apply

Bursary application forms on the internet may also be obtained from the Directors of the Federation.

The Official OSRDF forms must be used to ensure comparable data is received by all applicants!  Completed applications must first be submitted to your local Association. If approved, the Association will forward them directly to the Federation.

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