Process for Applying for and Approving Recruitment Bursary

  • Interested clubs fill out the Recruitment Bursary Application Form.
  • The completed applications are forwarded to the clubs Association.
  • Applications which have been preliminary approved by the Associations are forwarded, with comments, to Federation Director.
  • Applications are screened for the basic criteria by the Associations and The Federation has final approval over which clubs will receive a Recruitment Bursary.

Criteria for Approving Clubs for the Recruitment Bursary Program

  • Must possess an outstanding, organized and well planned member recruitment program;
  • Must show evidence of going beyond the call of duty by utilizing unusual or creative ways of recruiting new members (For Example: by doing more than just handing out occasional flyers.);
  • Must have a system for gathering contact information from potential new recruits for the purpose of doing follow up calls (For Example: draws for free instruction);
  • Must complete and submit an evaluation of the Recruitment Program and determine what worked and what did not.
  • Must provide Detailed Receipts for money spent.  It is advantageous to include copies of Flyers, Local Newspaper Advertisements, social Media Promotions, etc.

Other Remarks

  • Clubs are to use their own funds for promotion activities
  • Caller Fees are not to be included in bursary application
  • Maximum Bursary set at $200 per club with a maximum of $1,000
  • Submit to your Association – EOSARDA, T&D, SWOSDA, NORTHERN ONTARIO, etc.
  • Must be received by the Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation by March 1st
  • Awards will be approved at the Boards Spring Meeting
  • Each Association, upon approval of application will mail  it to

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