How to Begin?

There are over 100 square and round dance clubs across Ontario, most of whom have weekly dance nights where you can participate in a regular dance program. Clubs may host special dances on Theme Nights, or others  such as Valentine’s Dances. You should be able to find a club within driving distance no matter where you live.

You don’t have to worry if you aren’t an accomplished dancer. Square and Round Dancing has been described more like “walking in rhythm.” There is no fancy footwork to contend with, instead you form patterns with other dancers.

Square and Round Dancing has changed significantly from what you may remember. The changes are discussed here.

Dancers of all ages enjoy what has been described as “terrific aerobic and mental exercise.” Many couples are involved, but one can come out as a solo and be teamed up with experienced dancers.

Square Dancing is no longer only done to country music. Any music with a lively rhythm (even Jingle Bells at Christmas time) will do.

All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes. (Men usually wear long-sleeved shirts.) Much like the music, country and western fashion is not required, although many continue to dress up for the fun of it.

The benefits, both health-wise and socially, of becoming involved in square and round dancing are many.  What might start as just a night out, could lead to lifetime friendships with those in the club.

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