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Newsletter – Summer 2019

The days are getting shorter which means in a few weeks all dance activities for the Fall season will be in full swing. This means we should all be thinking about bringing new people into our clubs. If we are to keep our great activity going, it is essential that everyone pull together to bring in new dancers.

Yes, I hear many people saying that “all their friends dance” so they do not have resources to tap. How many people do you interact with every day who are not fellow dancers? Perhaps your club could have business cards made up. Carry them with you and don’t miss an opportunity to hand them out. If you have shirts advertising dancing, wear it out – not just to square and round dances. Talk about your dance activity with your hairdresser, your doctor’s office, physio, your church groups, other clubs you belong to, etc. There are places to advertise which won’t cost you anything other than a little work. Some radios stations, newspapers, cable TV networks have community notice boards. Post your open houses nights on these. There are online websites which also post upcoming events. When you advertise, mention that a partner is not necessary. A casual dress policy might also attract people. Many smaller community newspapers will gladly publish an article you write.

Remember too that the Federation offers recruitment bursaries. All the details are on our website; https://squaredance.on.ca/. Your local Association may also offer financial assistance. You will find the link to your local Association on the Federation website.

One of the great things about square and round dancing is meeting and making friends with other dancers. Also dancing to different callers/cuers, which will make you a stronger dancer. During the dance season, many clubs have special invitational dances. Please try and support these. Over the years many of these have fallen by the wayside due to the lack of support. Even if you only get to one outside dance a year, please support them. If you are travelling to other parts of the province, why don’t you drop in to another club for their club dance. You can find this information through the local Association’s website.

The Federation offers scholarship for caller training. Usually once a year there is some caller training offered in Ontario. If you need help finding out about this, contact us through the website.

Are there people in your club who have been dancing for at least 25 years and contributed to the wellbeing of your club. Consider nominating them for the Trillium Long Service Award. The Federation offers two Trillium Awards. One for long service and the other is a Merit award. All the details are available on our website. Many deserving people never get them because no one is either aware of them or takes the time to fill in the nominating form. Please remember to use the official forms (found on the Federation website) for all nominations and for bursary applications. https://squaredance.on.ca/files/

Next year the National Convention will be held in Surrey, BC. Attendance will be limited to 800 dancers so register early. https://www.squaredance.bc.ca/2020

There have been a number of changes in each dance program. Some moves have been switched to a different dance level. For up to date program lists, refer to the following Callerlab website. http://www.callerlab.org/Dance-Programs

Above all, have a wonderful dance year ahead!

Howard and Jean Lander – Federation Publicity and PR

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