Trillium Awards Information and Guidelines

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Trillium Awards are the Ontario Federation’s way of recognizing outstanding contributions beyond the scope of regular activities by Ontario dancers whose accomplishments reflect extraordinary contributions of an innovative or improving nature.

Trillium Merit Award

Dancing 5 years or more, with a significant amount of their dancing experience in Ontario, Merit Award winners have made a significant contribution to dancing in Ontario, served in leadership capacities at the club level, and been involved in an executive of committee level at the regional, provincial, or national level.

Nominees will have participated in dancer and/or leader recruitment actives as well as helping leaders or dancers develop through mentoring activities such as serving as angels and/or serving in leaders’ clinics.

Trillium Long Service Award

Dancing 20 years or more with a significant amount of their dancing experience in Ontario.
Long Service Award winners will have served in leadership capacities at the club level and supported dancer and/or leader recruitment activities.

Nominating Someone for a Trillium Award

1- Review the Nomination Guidelines
2- Nomination must be received by the Federation Secretary no later than April 30 each year
3- Nominations must be submitted through your local, regional Association – NOT directly to the Ontario Federation
4- Decide whether the Long Service or Merit Award is more appropriate
5- Complete the applicable form  –  Merit Nomination (doc)     Long Service Nomination (doc)

Download the nomination form applicable to your nomination.  
Complete the form by clicking on the shaded area for each section.  When you finish entering data in one section, click on the next shaded area to enter more data there.  
When you finish entering all the necessary information, save the document (using the name of your nominee in the document name) or print it.  
Forward the completed (electronic or printed) form to your regional Association.

6- Make sure all of the required elements for the particular award has been addressed.
7- While the following items aren’t necessarily required, it will be useful to consider your nominee’s dance history regarding:

  • Involvement on other dance related activities Convention Committees
  • Caller’s Clinic involvement – positions, dates, # of years, etc
  • Participation at Frosh Dances – other involvements
  • Volunteer participant in demonstrations. – Hospitals, Malls, Nursing Homes, Festivals, etc
  • Actively promoting the Square & Round Dance movement
  • Promotion of dancing in public places
  • Recruitment of new dancers – Duty as angels
  • Special Advertising – innovative new methods

Administrative Guidelines

Past Trillium Award Recipients

A list of Trillium Award Recipients can be found HERE